AMAX was founded in 1996 as a wireless ISP. CEO Freeg Stoltz said that the company identified the need for security equipment to be constantly monitored and maintained. This resulted in the development of a control room where all field equipment is monitored 24/7. “Should a fault occur on a client’s site, the control room then immediately dispatches a technician to resolve the issue.”

The company has over 10 years’ experience in gated community security systems, integrating multiple state-of-the-art applications over one network. “We believe that each application is unique and therefore perform a complete assessment of all risks and customise solutions and software that will produce optimum results for the customer. We are involved from the design stage, through supply, installation and commissioning, followed by full technical support,” said Stoltz.

The company’s core capabilities include voice, data, video surveillance, access control (booms, licence plate recognition, spike barriers, anti-passback, T&A and turnstiles), zoned electric fencing, and command and control centre setup.

The company has branches in Pretoria North, Pretoria East, Midrand and Alberton and services a number of well-known upmarket estates in the Gauteng region. “We represent a number of leading agencies such as Miro, Security Warehouse and Ideco and we invest in continuous research to ensure that the solutions we provide for customers are leading edge technology,” said Stoltz.

“By further investing in the development and upskilling of our employees, we are able to leverage their intellectual property to ensure each client system receives the attention it deserves. Amax employees regularly attend training sessions held by Security Warehouse, which is SASSETA accredited. In addition, our service level agreement (SLA) has provision for ongoing training for all customers after an installation is complete,” he continued.

Amax’ networks are an integration of voice, data and video and cover IP and analogue phones with free on net calls and email hosting. “We utilise fibre optic, Wi-Max and Wi-Fi radio, and copper-based Ethernet networks. Generator backup power and lightning and surge protection are provided for complete peace of mind with regard to continuity of service,” said Stoltz.

Other services provided by Amax include PC and peripheral repairs, Microsoft Windows support, offsite data backup and recovery and tailor-made financing packages.

“I believe that major differentiators for us in the market include our remote offsite monitoring service, wireless network covering Gauteng (IENS, IECNS Licensed), the fact that all our installations and equipment are fully backed by Security Warehouse, our 24/7 support technician availability, four-hour response time, no call-out or repair charges and our onsite swap out of faulty equipment,” said Stoltz.

“Ultimately our aim is to provide a superior customer experience and we achieve this by aligning ourselves with suppliers of high-quality technology and by maintaining open communication lines with our customers,” Stoltz concluded.

By Allyson Koekhoven