Amax has developed a state of the art power monitoring system that can be customized to suit your requirements. The system constantly monitor and graph power consumption. With the data available we are able to make the necessary changes to power factors, processes, operating hours, etc to ensure a substantial cost saving.

The following outlines the process AMAX follows for electricity optimisation:

  • Install Monitoring equipment
  • Setup SureTec software to monitor and report key indicators
Maintain Electricity Efficiency on a per station basis
  • Periodic reporting to monitor the health of each station
  • Parameter alarms for each station to indicate possible problems or failures
Production monitoring
  • Monitoring of production downtime per station and corrective action
  • Incorporating energy costs into BOM for each product
Optimize Electricity Efficiency on a per station basis
  • Power Factor analysis and corrective action
  • Harmonic distortion analysis and corrective action
  • Voltage and current balancing analysis and corrective action
  • Maximum Demand analysis and corrective action
  • Station efficiency analysis and corrective action regarding hydraulic design, electric motor usage, software programming etc.
  • Station energy usage comparison to similar stations within the group to identify possible inefficiencies