To complete our all in one solution to estates we have developed a metering system that is able to measure Electricity, water and gas consumption. These readings are then relayed to a main server that calculates the rates and invoices to the residents. The system goes even further, to clearly explain the system we have broken it up into 3 sections:


Measurement is taken with the latest state of the art equipment that ensures accuracy. With this equipment and accounting system behind it, it is able to detect losses or leakages. Furthermore the system is able to communicate with high consumption appliances such as geysers to regulate temperature and power consumption.

Data Services

With a fiber backbone network in the Estate we are able to not only gather the services readings but also able to provide the following:

  • High speed internet
  • VoIP (Telephone lines)
  • DSTV
  • Top TV

Accounting and Invoicing

All data is gathered and processed on the main server. The system does all the accounting and facilitating of all services, meaning that all or single services can be disabled.

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