The Visitor Access Control (A-VAC) system consists of a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone, fingerprint biometric station, and a driver’s license bar code card reader.

System description:

A touch screen phone allows the guard easy access to all contacts. For security reasons, only stand numbers are displayed, no residents name or contact number is displayed. Multiple contact numbers can be programmed for each stand.

On receipt of a call from the guard house, residents will be asked to authorize. The boom will be opened by pressing “1” on their phone, this serving as an automated acknowledgement by the call recipient that they authorize access and take liability for the visitor. Calls are recorded.

Call rates based on per second billing at a fixed rate of 75c per minute. Example: A call of fifteen seconds is charged at 19c, with an average of 40% of normal cellular call rates.

A breakdown of charges per stand is made available monthly thus allowing the HOA to recover such costs. These records also serve as a ”monitor” for excessive visitors, example those residents who are illegally operating businesses from within the estate.

The system is equipped with a driver’s license scanner that will gather the visitor’s details for storage. The information is encrypted and only accessible by the HOA management.

Once the phone call has been made the Visitor will be required to present his or her index finger for registration or authentication.

The fingerprint will remain active for use by the visitor to exit the estate where after it will be automatically deactivated. An automatic deactivation period can be set.

From the Visitor’s arrival to entering takes approximately 30 sec.


Each resident receives a username and password whereby they can activate visitors that have been registered to their stand number. The activation will be valid for a predetermined amount of hours.