Time capture services are used to monitor a building site or any similar site over a long period of time, such as to stream and capture the entire development phase. Live streams are available on the company website or any device capable of displaying flash player video. These snapshots can be compiled into a Video. The Videos can have various durations, sizes and frame rates depending on their use.

System features

Time Capture Service Function

The Time Capture Service is a dedicated service that runs on a dedicated server and is responsible for taking high-definition snapshots at predefined intervals. The time capture service also provides up-to-date information to AMAX regarding the status of each camera which ensures very low-down time.

Time Capture Video Function

The Time Capture Video Function allows AMAX to compile a video using the captured images to create a high-speed simulation of the footage captured over time. These videos can be customised. An exclusion period can also be specified.

Live Streaming Service

AMAX offers a live streaming service that capture all camera streams to a dedicated server and convert it to a RTMP stream format. The RTMP protocol is the most common streaming protocol and can be displayed by any Adobe Flash enabled players.

In the Live Streaming Service, AMAX allows two streams for each camera. The second stream acts as a failover stream, which will automatically be used if the first stream fails.

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